Asterisk Sound

The Studio for The Digital Age.

We are The Digital Age.    Asterisk Sound is our studio.    After 10 years of producing, writing, and playing in the David Crowder*Band, we set out to build a new space to create and produce music.    When we're not touring, we open the doors of our studio to invest in bands, artists and creative types, and are directly involved and present throughout the recording process.    We produce.    We engineer.    We help with parts.    We play on your project (if you want us to).    We hangout and get barbecue.    We watch Nacho Libre.

Throughout the years we've collected all manner of studio equipment and instruments, and all of our gear is at your disposal.    We run Pro Tools HDX with a nice selection of outboard pres, compressors, FX, and EQs, and have a wide selection of guitars, amps, synths, drums, mics, and Hot Pockets™.    If you're lucky, you might even get to see Bwack's world-famous tambourine collection.



A selection of songs recorded and produced by The Digital Age at Asterisk Sound.


A selection of videos filmed and produced by The Digital Age at Asterisk Sound.

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